We selected only quality products from abroad to serve, create, and jointly develop
fire suppression systems
and water supply systems in Thailand
to raise the equivalent standards to foreign countries.

Strong Line Engineering Company Limited, established in 2015, is an importer and distributor of fire equipment and water supply systems, water systems used in daily life, pipe systems, including equipment for fire protection systems with water and chemicals, covering the entire office building, industrial factory, and residential buildings with service areas covering all of Thailand, 77 provinces, including various countries in the ASEAN region.

In addition to distribution, Strong Line also provide counsel and advice to customers effectively, with more than 10 years of experience that has made us understand and approach every customer’s problems and requirements along with offering guidelines for proper system placement and value for customers. We also assist in reducing the cost of system installation while completely maintaining the pattern and standard that customers need.

The company is considered one of the organizations are supervised and managed by the new generation of executives with a very specialized field of expertise in the maintenance of the customer’s building system. Therefore, the development of fire suppression systems can be further the customer’s water supply system to be more efficient, service mind, operate by a team of experts who are ready to provide advantage advice to customers.

Success Story

A decade of expertise and experience that is ready to create a great success under the leadership of executrix
with a very specialized field of expertise and vision of a new generation of leaders and lead the team to work together creating
worthwhile safety and covering all dimensions of fire suppression system requirements and sanitary system inside the building.

In 2015

Found Strong Line Engineering Co., Ltd.

Found Strong Line Engineering Co., Ltd. by Miss. Rujikan Makhawimarn to import products for fire extinguishers in the category of fire valves, water supply valves, fire sprinklers, water pumps, hoses, and joints.

In 2019

The company started growing by leaps and bounds.

There has been an expanded team for more comprehensive service to provide consulting services to customers that can visit the fieldwork and design a system, which is compatible with the customer’s building.

In 2021

The company has been gaining the customers’ trust.

The company has been gaining the customers’ trust and determines to improve the quality of service.


One stop service

The company will be developing in the area of importing products under the brand of Strong Line and expanding the service covering a One-stop service.

Why Us

<strong>The real firesuppression system</strong>

The real firesuppression system

Strong Line, we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of fire suppression systems with experienced executives. This provide us understands of the problems and requirements of all customers. Strong Line is determined not only to distribute products but can also be a consultant to help customers solve problems successfully.

<strong>Ateam of expertsis ready to createa superior service</strong>

Ateam of expertsis ready to createa superior service

Strong Line, we have a support team that is proficient in fire suppression systems that not only selects quality products, but we also selected, trained, and trained all employees to have Service Mind, so that is ready to provide advice and assistance to customers with a true willingness.

<strong>International standard<br />
quality products</strong>

International standard
quality products

Strong Line, we select only quality products from leading brands with high standards and reputations. We have a clear understanding of the business, therefore, we can select quality products from abroad that have been certified and had a reputation for packaging equipment, as well as a variety of products that were completely able to respond to all the customer’s requirements.

<strong>Servicewith truly<br />
understanding<br />
the customer’s requirements</strong>

Servicewith truly
the customer’s requirements

Strong Line serviced by a team of experts who prepared to listen to all customers’ needs and provided advice intimately and attentively and also assisted in managing workplace issues instantly and efficiently with a systematic team for providing comprehensive customer service.

<strong>Excellent product<br />
warranty & after sales service</strong>

Excellent product
warranty & after sales service

Strong Line, we provide customers more reassurance with product warranty and after-sales service that is the service from the company’s systematic management system, so that the products can be delivered to customers accurately and instantly. There is also a product warranty in case of the customer found that the product received is damaged or damaged, the company will change the product and ship a new one immediately.