About Strong Line

Strong Line, we are experts and operate the business as the center of water supply equipment and
high-quality fire suppression system with more than 10 years of experience. We select only quality products from abroad to serve as well

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Design & Consulting

Consulting services and providing advice on the selection of each product according to engineering principles



Project management assists in supporting the operation of the system work from the design, budget for the expenses


Warehouse & Logistics

The company attaches great importance to the management of the warehouse delivered to the customer correctly, rapidly, just in time

Product Warranty

After sales service that guaranteed the damage of the product, if the customer finds any ruin or damage



Our Products

Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Protection Equipment

Fire Protection Equipment

High-quality products, and equipment for fire suppression systems are certified from UL/FM/EN standards


Sanitary<br />


Sanitary Equipment

A water supply system product that assists in supporting more quality of the water supply and sanitation system in the building.


Pipe & Fitting

Pipe & Fitting

Pipe & Fitting

A standard quality pipe product that is complete and verity, including convenient, and easy to use.


Gas<br />


Gas Suppression

Clean Agent Extinguishing System can quickly extinguish high fire efficiency.


Make dream come true

Fire Protection Expert services and support in one place

The company is considered one of the organizations are supervised and managed by the new generation of executives with a very specialized field of expertise in the maintenance of the customer’s building system.


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